Orange Barb Sativa Bud Profile: A mix of dark and light olive dense buds that contain a large amount of trichomes and marbles nicely with orange hairs. Orange citrus, woodsy, pine aroma.

Strain: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant (70% – 30%)

Top-Shelf Potency Tier: Moderate Average THC: 17-18%

Genetics: Barbara Bud x Tangie

Ironstoned Rating: “The delightful citrus scent and texture make Orange Barb a unique and enjoyable choice for cannabis enthusiasts.” Bud Review As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, Orange Barb offers a remarkable fragrance and flavor profile that stands out. The strong aroma of freshly peeled blood oranges fills the room instantly, creating an enticing and delightful experience. Its outstanding qualities have not gone unnoticed, as Orange Barb has earned numerous cups and awards in cannabis competitions worldwide. With its unique aroma, flavor, and accolades, Orange Barb proves to be a remarkable choice for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a special and award-winning experience.

Reviewed By: West Coast Ricky and Mighty Girl

Gear Used: West Coast Ricky used a RAW Hemp Pre-Rolled Cone Mighty Girl used her Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer

Prep for Sesh: The bud sample provided by Krop Kings tested at a THC level of 18%. Upon breaking apart the bud, Orange Barb unleashes a powerful burst of citrus aroma, making it the most citrus-fragrant strain we’ve come across in some time. After grinding up, again the citrus is prominent but the hint of pine detected earlier is making itself known. Grinding up Orange Barb produced fluffy grounds. For this review, I packed 1-gram in a RAW cone, while Mighty Girl opted for 0.2-grams in a dosing capsule, using a vaporizer. This allowed us to experience the strain in different consumption methods and gauge its effects accordingly. What it Tastes Like? When smoking or vaping Orange Barb you get an immediate fruity citric orange taste, with a floral, pine aroma on the exhale. This is a tasty strain!

Lighting Up: Orange Barb produces a very smooth sweet smoke, and although the effects might not have been immediately apparent after the first few draws, this strain proved to be patient, and its potency gradually revealed itself to both of us. Sometimes, certain strains take a little time to unfold their full effects, offering a delayed and enjoyable surprise. It seems like the effects of Orange Barb were sneaking up on Mighty Girl. Despite her initial perception of not feeling anything, she did notice a classic tell of wringing her hands and squirming in her chair, which are her signs of experiencing the effects of a top-self Sativa. At the midpoint of smoking Orange Barb, we are both feeling relaxed and in a happy, creative frame of mind. Cannabis strains that are crossed with Barbara Bud, are known for their social and uplifting effects, which perfectly describes our experience with Orange Barb.

End of Sesh: By the end of our session, we both found the effects of this strain made us highly sociable, making it perfect for enjoying a good time with friends. Additionally, it provides an interesting creative boost, making it a helpful companion for those seeking inspiration. Whether you’re looking to have fun and connect with others or tap into your creative side, Orange Barb offers a well-rounded experience for various activities and preferences.