GRAPE POP ROCKS Indica Bud Profile:

Dense, olive-colored buds, purple hued flowers, with every surface sparkled with frosty trichomes. Grape aroma hits your nose first, with subtle notes of earth and diesel aroma. Strain: Hybrid Indica Dominant Potency: Mid-range THC Levels: 22%-28% Genetics: Grape Stomper x Pop Rocks

Ironstone Review Reviewed by West Coast Rickey & Mighty Girl Preparation:

Buds give off an intricately crafted fragrance, carrying a delicate essence of grape, complemented by subtle undertones of earth and cloves. For this review we ground up one gram of flower, which gave off a burst of grape smell that faded after a few moments. The even, fluffy grounds packed very nicely into a cone. This would also be a good bud for joint rollers.

Smoking Method: 1-gram of ground bud packed in a cone (RAW Organic Unrefined Hemp Pre-Rolled Cone)

Lighting Up:

During the initial draws, a pleasingly smooth and earthy taste dances on the palate, accompanied by a subtle hint of pepper, all while maintaining a clean burn. What truly stood out about this strain was its immediate impact, inducing an alert yet relaxed state, enveloped in a sweet and pungent aroma. Mighty Girl aptly describes it as “tasting like Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas smells.” As we reached the midway point of the cone, both of us experienced a sense of calmness, but without the heaviness of being couch-locked. Upon finishing the cone, we found ourselves in a unique mental state—physically energized yet mentally contemplative. It’s as if there’s a contradiction between feeling inclined to do something and yet being content to ponder over thoughts for a while.


While we typically lean towards Indica strains with a potency above 70%, Grape Pop Rocks managed to surprise us both. Its impressive appearance, captivating aroma and nice clean smoke instantly caught our attention. The taste did not disappoint, and its mild potency left a lasting impression, especially from the perspective of an experienced smoker. One aspect that particularly stood out was the strain’s suitability for those moments when you have repetitive tasks at hand, such as gardening or doing laundry. It seemed to lend a helping hand in staying focused and productive while maintaining a sense of relaxation. For anyone seeking a well-rounded experience and a strain to accompany them through their household chores, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Grape Pop Rocks.