Product Profile: DC Mak 391 (Graded 4A)

A psilocybe cubensis type called Melmac, which is an
isolated variant of the Penis Envy strain.
DC Mak 391 has a very high potency level in
comparison to other strains, and possess the ability to
sweep you off your feet and transport you to a distant
The experience they offer is truly extraordinary, characterized by breathtaking visuals and
profound physical effects that bring waves of euphoria. These remarkable shrooms are not only
visually captivating but also highly introspective, making them ideal for those seeking a spiritual
journey. Prepare yourself for an adventure beyond the ordinary as you delve into the depths of
your consciousness and embark on a transcendent and awe-inspiring experience.
Suggested Dosing Guide
• Mild Experience: .75 to 1.0g
• Medium Experience: 1.0 to 2.5g
• Full Experience: 2.5 to 3.5g
• Heroic Dose: 4.0 to 5.0g
This is a general guide for dosing DC Mak 391 mushrooms. Keep in mind that individual factors,
such as your personal constitution, weight, diet, tolerance, and other variables, can significantly
influence the psychedelic experience. Therefore, it’s essential to approach mushroom dosing
with caution and mindfulness, and always start with a conservative dose to assess its effects.
Also, its highly recommended that you have a trusted trip-sitter at your side that is not
partaking when taking a heroic dose.
Ironstone Review
Reviewed by West Coast Rickey

In this review, I decided to try a medium experience-level dose of DC Mak 391 after a quick bite
to eat and hydration at the ready. Let me tell you, this mushroom is truly extraordinary! When
you consume a psilocybe cubensis, it tends to amplify and intensify your current mood.
Fortunately, I was already in a fantastic mood, and DC Mak 391 exceeded all my expectations.
Being a Golden Penis Envy strain enthusiast, I can confidently assert that DC Mak 391 is a nextlevel psychedelic experience. From the moment I ingested it, it took approximately 45 minutes
to take hold. The first unmistakable signs were yawning and finding almost anything remotely
funny enough to induce laughter.
After an hour, a wondrous transformation occurred, as if everything around me came to life,
pulsating with vitality. As time passed, I delved into profound contemplation, feeling a deep
sense of unity with the entire universe. This journey with DC Mak 391 was truly next-level,
leaving an unforgettable imprint on my consciousness.