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How to Store Your Weed

2020-12-31T09:54:05-05:00December 11th, 2020|

You’ve paid your hard-earned money and acquired some high-quality weed.

But you’re not greedy. You know the value of saving and savouring.

So you’re not going to smoke it all at once.

You want to tuck that product away and partake in it at some ideal moments down the road – planned and otherwise.

That begs the question: How do you store your weed?

That’s exactly the question we’re tackling in this edition of the Online Marijuana Dispensary blog.

The Natural Nature of Marijuana: A Plant to Partake & Protect

preparing cannabis for smokingMarijuana is, of course, a plant.

It’s not a packaged food – not your bag of chips, tub of ice cream, box of cereal or thing of Oreo cookies. Those can last a long time (not that they do in your house or ours!).

So the nature of being a plant and an all-natural product means that, over time, cannabis will lose its potency and flavour. It can even go “bad,” and that can happen a lot faster if you’re not careful with how you store your weed.

Once the marijuana plant has been cut, dried, cured and packaged for sale, it has a limited shelf life. Here at OMD, your trusted, friendly Online Marijuana Dispensary in Canada, we make sure that the weed we sell is fresh and of the highest quality.

We also take extra precautions in the way we store our cannabis products during the time (however short) that it is in our distribution centre. We encourage you to do the same once you’ve bought your weed.

The 4 Big Enemies of Weed – And Why You Need to Heed This Warning When Considering How to Store Yours

In particular, cannabis has four enemies to which it is exposed before you consume it:

  • Light
  • Air
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Weed is ideally stored in a cool, dry place. But not too cool, and not too dry. You’ll want to keep your cannabis in an optimal range of temperature and humidity levels.

marijuana stored in container

Too cold (i.e. freezing) and you’ll lose the cannabinoids and terpenes. Too warm (like on the heater or toaster oven) and it will dry out.

If your pot’s too dry, it can get brittle and lose the essential oils. Should you go the other direction and expose your cannabis to too much humidity and moisture, however you run the risk of it taking on mold, mildew or other unwanted growth.

Notice a Goldilocks kind of pattern going on here? Yup, pot’s got to be just right when it comes to storage.

Your job, before you smoke that glorious weed, is to protect it from these four elements. Keep it in the right condition for optimal potency and flavour, and prevent it from going bad.

How are you supposed to do that, you might ask. Read on to find out.

The Best Methods for Storing Weed and Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh & Potent

Okay, so we’ve established that you want to keep your bud in a cool, dry place – relatively speaking.

What’s best for that?

  • cannabis stored in containerVacuum-sealed jars & containers – anything container is air-tight and ideally one that also keeps out light
  • Mason jars – maybe marijuana’s traditional companion, Mason jars keep the contents air-tight (just make sure you don’t leave the jar in the sun)
  • Basement storage – much better than the attic or bathroom for your bud!
  • Keep ‘Em Separated – don’t mix your strains of weed together, or store your pot with paraphernalia such as pipes, vaporizers, etc.

Now that we’ve talked about where you’ll want to store your weed, what about some no-no’s when it comes to cannabis storage?

  • Freezer – it’s too dry for flower, so leave this space for your ice cream and frozen pizza come munchie time
  • Fridge – too much chance for mold on marijuana due to humidity levels
  • Garage – too humid in the summer, too cold in the winter, and you don’t want bugs in your buds
  • Ziploc Bags – or any kind of generic, plastic bag, as the static charge can take away the trichomes from your trusty weed
  • Cigar Humidor – this might seem like a good idea to the cigar aficionados, but that cedar wood is no friend to cannabis, as the oils can give your weed a funky flavour
  • Appliances & Electronics – if you’ve ever gotten overzealous opening a package and partaking in pot, leaving the bag of bud on say your DVD player or toaster oven (while that cheese bubbles on the toast) and eventually forgetting where you left it, you’ll know the sinking feeling when you finally find it and the cannabis can’t be brought back to life

marijuana stored in glass jar

Final Thoughts on Fresh Pot & Potent Cannabis Storage

You’re probably going to want to consume that cannabis sooner rather than later.

But for the duration that your weed is being stored, if it was worth buying then it’s worth protecting.

Keep your marijuana in a relatively cool and dry place, and protect your pot against its four natural enemies: Air, Humidity, Temperature and Light.

If you have any other questions about cannabis in Canada, we’re here to help.

OMD, Online Marijuana Dispensary, is dedicated to serving your online weed buying needs. We procure and provide quality cannabis in a variety of forms, as well as CBD, oils and much more.