G13 Haze Sativa Bud Profile: Dense dark and light olive colored nugs with fuzzy orange hairs. Sweet and sour, lemon pine aroma.

Strain: Hybrid, Sativa Dominant (80% – 20%)

Potency: High-range THC Levels: 22 to 27% range (1% CBD) Tested at 27% THC

Genetics: G-13 x HazeIron

Review Reviewed by West Coast Ricky & Mighty Girl:

“G13 Haze is a great wake and bake strain following a morning coffee” The Legend of G13 Haze: Legend has it that back in the 1960s, government agencies created this extraordinary bud by blending various exceptionally potent strains. After years of experimentation, a dedicated team finally perfected the strain in 1970. However, the story takes a twist when a cunning technician allegedly stole a sample and started breeding it for the masses. While the truth of this tale remains highly doubtful, it certainly makes for an intriguing story.

Preparation: Once separated from the stem, G13 Haze nugs emitted a strong herbal sour aroma with a hint of earthy pine. But upon grinding, a subtle lemon citrus fragrance was revealed. For this review we ground up 1.5 grams of flower.

Smoking Method: • 1- West Coast Ricky: 1-gram of ground bud packed in a RAW Hemp Pre-Rolled Cone. • Mighty Girl: 0.2g packed in a dosing capsule, using a Storz & Bickel Mighty vaporizer.

What does G13 Haze taste like? This bud offers a very pungent, spicy, sweet, tangy taste with slight undertones of an earthy burn to the throat on exhale.

Lighting up: With just a few hits off my cone, the effects of G13 Haze are exactly what you’d expect from a top-shelf Sativa. It starts with an immediate uplifting feeling, leading to a surge of creativity and extreme happiness. As Mighty Girl’s portable vape machine reached the optimal temperature, her first draws of G13 Haze made her feel peppy and eager to move around. However, she had consumed a large coffee before this session. “I believe the caffeine is having an impact with the bud, but it’s a cool feeling to be somewhat energetic while relaxed and open-minded to all of the sensations surrounding you,” states Mighty Girl. The combination of the strain’s effects and the coffee’s influence created a unique and enjoyable experience for her. Midway through the blunt and vape, both of us could feel the initial burst of energy and euphoria settling down, making way for the subtle Indica undertones that gently relaxed our bodies and cleared our minds. Additionally, we noticed the onset of a lift and lightness feeling, adding to the overall enjoyable experience. Towards the end, the effects of G13 Haze showcase the best of great Sativa strains. Even after just a few hits from a joint or vape, you can expect to feel uplifted, creative, and extremely happy. This initial burst of energy and euphoria gradually merges with subtle Indica undertones that relax your body and clear your mind.

Conclusion: G13 Haze is a multi award-winning strain bred for its capacity to generate huge potency when at the same time having uplifting sensations alongside heavy-hitting body effects. For some users, G13 Haze may spark creativity, providing an excellent companion for artistic endeavors. Meanwhile, others may find it helpful to stay relaxed and focused when tackling menial tasks. Its versatile effects make it a delightful choice for a variety of experiences and preferences.